Jardine Quick Detach Backrests Mount Kit make for quick and easy installation or removal within seconds.

Backrest is sold separately.

They feature clean lines, ease of use and quality workmanship.

Jardine Metric Backrests are also available in a permanent mount.

Universal backrests are available in Tall Billet, Short Billet, Billet Touring, Short Steel and Mini Steel.

Fits a variety of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Metric Cruisers.

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Hon VTX1800R 02-09/T 07-09/1300R,S 04-09 34-1008-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit /Yam Vstar 650 Clsc 97-10 34-2003-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Hon VT750 Shad Aero 04-12 34-1009-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Hon VT750C2 Shad Spir 07-09 34-1011-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Hon VTX1300C 04-09 34-1013-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Hon VTX1800C 01-09/F 05-08 34-1007-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Raid 08-12 34-2010-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Rd Star War 02-09 34-2009-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Rdlnr 06-10 34-2006-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Vstar 1100 Clsc 04-09 34-2008-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Vstar 1100 Cstm 99-09 34-2005-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Vstar 1300 07-12 34-2007-01 $299.00
Mnt Kit/Yam Vstar 950 09-12 34-2011-01 $299.00



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